Vasile Todinca was born in 1995 in Oradea, România. He started studying acting, but after the first year he chose to switch to directing. He attended film school in Cluj-Napoca – Faculty of Theatre and Film, UBB and graduated as a director. During school Vasile directed two short fiction films and produced one that premiered in Locarno in 2018. In 2019 he attended Aristoteles Workshop and IDFA Academy. Lately Vasile started working in the film industry as an assistant director.



POJECT Reunion

Max, a 17 year old, accidentally meets Ana, a friend from high school he hasn’t seen for a year. Happy to rejoin they cancel their plans for the day to spend time together. They recall past moments and talk about their future plans. ‘Friend’ never meant acquaintance and their old feelings seem to come out again. Decisions have to be made in order to fulfil their future ambitions without compromising their relationship.