Teona Galgoțiu (b. 1998, Bucharest) is a film director, poet and cultural manager. Her short films were screened in festivals such as Jihlava International Film Festival, BIEFF and Eastwards Prospectus. She has been organising the Super Festival since 2014 and she is the founder of Gura Mare, a platform which explores poetry through interdisciplinary projects. In 2020 she debuted with the poetry book ”I look back and it’s gone” at OMG Publishing and this year she was nominated for the ”Young Hope” Award at the Gopo Romanian Film Awards and selected in Talents Sarajevo.



POJECT I Want To Smash The Greenhouse

Sara is confronted by the first signs of a disease she inherited from her father, which, in its final stage, will turn their bodies into plants. Sara needs a major change. But before that, she has to try to get rid of the violent memories from her childhood, so she visits her bedridden father and tells him everything she couldn’t tell him until now.