Sorin studied Acting at UNATC in Bucharest. In 2010 he co-wrote with Vera Ion an autobiographical theatre play: “Ich Clown” and in 2010 they founded the “Write Yourself” script and play school in Bucharest. Inspired by stories written in the workshop, Sorin started to direct short films. In 2015, “A girl I went to school with” won the Villa Kult Residency Award at the Next IFF. In August 2016 Sorin is selected for the Sarajevo Talent Campus. In 2018 “Ionuț and Călin” premieres in the National Competition at the Transilvania IFF and receives the Award for Best Romanian Short Film at the Next IFF. In 2019 and 2020 the film is selected for many other international film festivals.




Mark and Lisa have been married for a couple of years. Recently, Lisa discovered feminist literature and started to question from a feminist point of view the routine of their relationship, her partener’s habits, his use of language. Lisa is trying to digest the past trauma inflicted by her ex-husband. The more she reads the more she questions her current relationship. Mark is starting to find all this bothersome but loves her and would never tell her that. Sometimes she sees him solely as a representative of the male species, other times she relates to the man she fell in love with. Mark feels used, betrayed by her, he feels under observation like an insect in an insectarium. Lisa regrets that her newfound feminist quest is putting a strain on their relationship. On one hand she wants Mark to understand her, on the other she feels that she can’t trust any man anymore, including Mark.