Born in 1984, Răzvan graduated the Audio Visual Communication Dept. of the Faculty of Film at UNATC Bucharest in 2012, and in 2016 got his Screenwriting Masters Degree. He is now a scholarship student in the first year of his PhD at the UNATC Film Faculty and works as a photo-video freelancer. He’s signed several short films, including “Police Officer” (2015, UNATC), “The namesake” (2015, Aperture.FILM) – Winner of STARTUP FILM FEST 2015, “To Ring or Not to Ring” (2016, Aperture.FILM) – mention at the 2016 edition of the international film festival FILMINUTE. He worked as a screenwriter for several short films, including: “Texas Hold’em” (2010, UNATC); “Do not Stop!” (2011, MediaLab); “Happy Motel” (2017, Alien Film); Sunset (2017, UNATC, post-production). In addition, he directed and edited news, promo clips and videos.




After Nine or Ten Hours is a comic drama about a couple’s fight, taking place after a party at night, right in the street. The altercation grows as the friends of the two and a UBER driver try to reconcile them. Filmed in the style of cine-verite, the film unfolds in real-time time, vigorously showcasing the emotional breakdown of the characters.


Cast: Andrei V. Ciopec, Mădălina Oprescu, Cezar Grumăzescu, Mia Crișan, Gabriel Cilincă and Cosmin Dominte; Written, directed, and edited by: Răzvan Dü; DoP: Eduard Pârvu; Sound: Radu Georgescu; Set Design: Bogdan Mosorescu; Production: Răzvan Dü, Iulia Alexandra Voicu, Ana Voicu and Theodora Adela Petrescu.