Radu Is a writer and an actor. Underneath is his directorial debut. Radu is a stoic mettle, he likes walks through nature but not during winter, winter is unbearable. One of his favorite movies is The story of a summer lover, but not because he starred in it. Radu lives off the warmth of his close ones, having no career.




DAN (38) and CORINA (38) are two middle class parents in Bucharest, whose lives are dazzled by the discovery on their girl’s laptop, IOANA (13), of a record announcing that she wants to commit suicide.
The recording astonishes them because their family is a caring one, and the communication is OK, they watch for their daughter even if that means going through her things when she isn’t at home. What happened?, they wonder. Where’s the mistake? In an snowball effect, the calm atmosphere of the house turns into scandals and lack of confidence. Dan is emotional and nervous as he faces a problem which he cannot solve, and he feels guilty for not earning enough money to afford a psychologist. Corina thinks they are wrong as parents and wants to give up the new task. They do not trust Ioana, watching her all the time. Ioana doesn’t sleep well at night. In just a few days, their family becomes a wreck, and no one seems to be able to stop the drifting.