Mihai Dragolea is director, writer, producer based in Bucharest and Cluj. Currently he is working as an assistant professor at the Babes Bolyai University, teaching Film Studies. He has produced three documentaries with Vagabond Film. ”PhoeniXXX” (2017) that went to Jihlava IDFF 2017, Beldocs 2018, TIFF 2018, Astra Sibiu IFF 2017 and was nominated at the Romanian Gopo Awards in 2018 for best documentary. His latest finished project is titled ”Everything for Riana” (2020), a short documentary film that received the Odense IFF award for Documentary, was screened at Transylvania IFF 2020 and was nominated at the Gopo Awards 2021, Best Short Documentary. His new project, ”Aurică, a dog’s life” was part of this year’s Sarajevo Talent Campus, Writer’s summit and is currently in post-production.



POJECT Aurică, A Dog’s Life

Aurică has just escaped from a prison work camp and plans to take revenge on his backstabbing brother. He ends up making a good friend on the way.
Aurică, 49, has many tattoos and stab scars from a life that was half spent in prison. One day, while working on a maintenance job on a highway he makes a run for it and escapes. Being on the run, Aurică needs to embrace living in the corn and wheat fields, near Bucharest. Food and water are a problem, so Aurică decides to steal small quantities from a villager, Ilie. Hanging around Ilie’s home, Aurică saw him beating his own dog and was also around when Ilie called the police to report the stealing he was doing. Thus, Aurică decides to steal Ilie’s dog and leave the area for good.