Maria Cîrstea is a Bucharest-based cameraperson, currently studying documentary filmmaking at the National University of Theatre and Film in Bucharest. She was assistant for the award-winning documentary director Alexander Nanau, during the development and production of his fourth feature film, „Colectiv”. She collaborates with non-governmental organizations on video projects addressing various topics like women’s rights, community development, social inclusion, health, education and children’s rights, and she is currently in post-production with her first documentary feature.



POJECT More Than Love

When they started as a couple, Oana and Ștefan decided that their partnership would be based solely on honesty and love. Both of them were free to engage in romantic and sexual relationships with others, as long as they were completely honest with each other. During these 10 years of open-relationship, they shared or talked about their experiences – from casual sexual encounters to month-long affairs. And it worked perfectly for them. This changed when Oana fell in love with another man and started a relationship with him. In this definitory moment for them as a couple, Ștefan and Oana are trying to negotiate new terms for their relationship and find a way to make polyamory work equally for all three of them. But can love follow rules?