Lucia Chicoș graduated from UNATC – Film Directing (2019), where she continues her master’s degree.
Her first fiction short, ”Chicken Soup for Alley Cats” (2018)/ UNATC, received Critics Award at CineMAiubit ISFF 2018 and was screened at Filmul de Piatră – Short Film Competition 2019, Central European Film Festival Timișoara – Student Film Competition 2019, South-Eeastern European Cinema Schools – Short Film Festival 2019 and RO Fest Romanian Film Festival Chicago – screening 2019.
After ”Her Our Daily Work” (2019, documentary short), her ”Contraindications” (2019, fiction, short) received the third prize at Cinéfondation Festival de CANNES, 2020, was nominated at GOPO Romanian Awards, Young Hope, 2020, and was screened and received several other nominations and awards at film festivals in 2019 – 2020. She is in production with ”Ploaia nesfârșită/ Endless Rain” (2022, fiction, short), ”FATIMA” (2022, feature-length documentary) and ”Berliner Kindl” (2022, fiction, short).



POJECT Berliner Kindl

Raluca, 26, freshly returned from Berlin to a spring-warm Bucharest hit by the pandemic, works as a home-deliverer for supermarket products. One day one of her clients turns out to be a young guy with a good sense of humor and a cute cat, so when Raluca’s bike ride through a nightmarish traffic in Bucharest and guys grabbing her on every street corner, she becomes slightly idyllic bearing the hope of a new love story. Encouraged by her girlfriends, Raluca finds a pretext to invite herself into the guy’s house, but the imagination is almost always more interesting than reality.