I’m born in Geneva, 1990, but grew up in Sofia, Bulgaria. In 2018 graduated a Masters of Fine Art in Film Directing at EICAR, Paris. After several years working in production and film development in Paris, I founded the production company Bellevue Kino – a boutique production house dedicated to auteur films, that also serves as a vehicle for my own creative work.

My debut short film “Motherland”, produced by Bellevue Kino in Bulgaria, co-produced by Orphée Films in France and supported by the French Institute, premiered in competition for Best Bulgarian Short Film at Sofia International Film Festival 2020, followed by numerous selections at international film festivals.



PROJECT: Everything Tastes Strange Today

It’s another endless summer day for Mia, a twelve-year-old girl, and her brother Iki, fifteen, to be spent alone in their house, in the suburbs of Sofia. Today, however, everything tastes a bit more strange. The line is crossed. While playing hide and seek, Iki really disappears from the house…

Left all by herself at home, Mia’s fears begin to crawl out. In her attempt to grow up like her brother, Mia confronts, face to face, what is both desirable and terrifying to her.

This encounter, however, will leave scars in both children.