Ivelin Kostadinov is a screenwriter, director and producer based in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Educated and working in the field of design and photography. In recent years he has self-produced his first photo and video art exhibition. He has worked with different people and artists from Bulgaria on projects in film, animation and video.



POJECT Classics Never Go Out Of Style, But… They Do

While constantly on the move through the desolated mountain roads, avoiding the dangers of the new post-apocalyptic world, a young couple – Vylko and Rumyana need to learn how not to get tired of each other while living in isolation, in the confined space of Vylko’s most precious car, but a prison cell for Rumyana. They roam between abandoned gas stations and looted grocery stores, taking what they can. The overbearing Vylko is in charge, taking care of Rumyna and their safety. Getting by with old music and cinema, he doesn’t want to even try and find a better future for them, believing there are no normal people left and they should do what they have been doing all along – running and hiding. Compliant and forbearing Rumyana slowly starts to get tired of her existence.