Hayat Aljowaily is an aspiring Egyptian filmmaker based in Paris. Having grown up in five different countries, Hayat has always been interested in issues related to global politics, cultural exchange and identity.

After having completed a Bachelors in Social Sciences at Sciences Po in the south of France, Hayat completed a Bachelor’s degree in Film and Media Studies from Columbia University.

Hayat’s experience in the industry spans across sectors: she briefly worked with MAD Solutions in Cairo in distribution, has been working with the production company Maven Pictures, and is currently working in international documentary sales at Mediawan. Hayat also works as a filmmaker, mostly as a writer & producer.

Hayat strives to use films as a means to promote social cohesion and cultural understanding.





Kaja Grujic, raised in America, with mixed roots from the Balkans, strives to use digital media to transgress borders and promote alternative ways of understanding personal and cultural identities. Grujic explored this intersection while completing a Dual BA program between Sciences Po Paris, studying political science, and Columbia University, studying film and media studies. Mostly interested in art direction and costume design, Grujic has worked in various sectors of the fashion industry, from digital content production in Singapore to sales and client relations in Paris. Grujic hopes to continue to use the powerful make believe of fashion and digital media to uncover forgotten narratives, give voice to communities who are often misheard, and ideally offer people the potential to color and shape the future.



PROJECT: Last Call

As the COVID19 pandemic sweeps through continents, borders slowly begin closing up. To some, this means canceling vacation plans. To Hany & Youssef, two undocumented migrants in Belgrade, this means a tough choice: either to stay in Serbia and risk being stuck there indefinitely, or taking a repatriation flight back home and have their long journey there go to waste.