Can I submit my project if I’m still working on my script?
Yes. In this case all you need to do is specify in your application that this is the type of support you require for your project.


IS FILM+ a script development program?
Not exclusively. Our program aims to support each candidate based on the production stage the project is in at the moment of the application.


Can I submit an application for a project that has already been filmed?
Yes. FILM+ can offer post-production assistance, distribution, and promotion support. In this case your application has to be accompanied by a video referral (first cut, trailer etc).


Does FILM+ offer filming equipment?
FILM+ can provide you with filming equipment depending on their availability and requirement compatibility.



Is FILM+ the producer of the winning projects?
No. FILM+ offers guidance, support and contacts for production. It can also provide help for different needs (access to equipment and so on).


Can I submit a project already financed by CNC or other big production company?
Yes. But we prioritize independent projects.


Does FILM+ have any claims on the film rights?


Which specialists and consultants are going to provide support for my winning project?
There will be an individual matching process for each project, according to its specific needs. That is why you are required to specify the stage of development of your project (script development, directing guidance, cinematography support, sound, editing, production and so on).