Is a Bucharest based writer, currently doing his MA in Screenwriting at the Caragiale Academy for Theatre and Film in Bucharest. He wrote together with Lucia Chicoș four short films, among which, ”Contraindications” (2019, d. Lucia Chicoș) – winner of the third prize at the Cinéfondation competition in Cannes 2020. Through his writing, he explores subcultures and anti-coming-of-age stories.



POJECT Man of Velour

The summer is ending, and Sabin, a fatherless dilettante, is still learning his new job as a bartender in one of Bucharest’s bohemian pubs. One day, his shift partner quits after learning that a young friend of hers, who used to come to the bar, has killed himself. Sabin is forced to become a full time bartender, negotiate his interactions with the clients, and learn their quirks. One night Florian shows up on the terrace and from that point, Sabin’s life takes an unexpected turn.