Elena is a Romanian actress and filmmaker, known for ”Camerakiri” (2014), short film, winner of best experimental film at the ”Filmul de Piatra” Film Festival, and ”Hélène” (2015), a short self-portrait.
Also, her short documentary ”Familia mea, pe scurt” won the award for the best debut at the Astra Film Festival Sibiu (2013). She directed the short films „Dimineață americană” and ”Compromis” and also the short documentaries ”L`appuntamento” and ”La Telifon”.



POJECT Unacknowledged

More than half of raped women go through the experience without recognizing it as rape, calling it just ”misunderstanding” or ”unpleasant sex”. The main cause of this situation is the way rape is described in society: a brutal and violent attack by a stranger.
In reality, rape rarely looks like this. ”Unacknowledged” tells stories of victims of sexual abuse who remain in the shadows. They either become aware only years later that they have been, indeed, abused, or they are still trying to answer to this question: ”Was I raped?”