Born in 1993 in Orăștie, Dragoș Hanciu is a Romanian film director, cinematographer and photographer based in Bucharest.

After graduating UNATC film school in Bucharest, he made Ionaș Dreams of Rain, which premiered in Visions du Réel in 2017. Beside filming his own projects, he is also doing cinematography for other films such as Adina Pintilie’s Touch Me Not, Eva Pervoloici’s film about renowed artist Daniel Spoerri.

Dragoș is an active photographer publishing his first photobook, Hometown, which was shortlisted for several international book awards.

Currently he is in the post-production of his first feature length documentary, a short experimental film, and also developing other photobooks.



PROJECT: The Man and His Shadow

Mr. Georges (69), a flamboyant lab technician who spent the past 25 years teaching students how to develop and enlarge photographs at UNATC state film school in Bucharest, will be kicked out of school by a new management. They hired a younger person, uninterested in working with students, and who only knows digital.

The film brings up essential aspects of how common people deal with hardships, and how they are shaped by the systems they are quietly, and many times unknowingly, part of. The story develops on the backdrop of Romania’s biggest anti-corruption protests against the governing populist party which is trying to fundamentally change the laws of justice, to favor politicians and corruption. Although far from making a political statement, the film turns a humanistic gaze towards an institution that works as a mirror to the higher governing forces of its country, and Georges’ fight for his job becomes a matter of life and death, much more than a mere technological transition.