Danilo Stanimirović is a film student from Belgrade. In 2017, his short documentary ”Migration” was produced by and premiered at DokuFest Prizren and was shown at festivals around the Balkans. The following year, he won the EU Film Contest and the EU Film Challenge, which took him to the Festival de Cannes and the Venice Film Festival. Also in 2018, he won a pitching prize at the Four River Film Festival for his short project ”Bambiland”, which had its premiere in 2019 at the Anthology Film Archives in New York City, after which it was shown at more than seventy festivals around the world and won numerous awards. From 2021, he is an alumni of Talents Campus Sarajevo.



POJECT Cats (Mačke)

Miša is a silent little boy who lives in a Serbian immigrant neighborhood in Zurich. One day he finds an abandoned kitten and puts it in his backpack. At home, his parents’ marriage is falling apart, a situation that weighs increasingly heavy on him. Dad is happy to see the kitten, but Mom wants it out of the house. After a brief screaming match, Miša hides it under the stairs and tries to force another street cat to act as its mother. At school, when she sees that Miša’s hands are scratched up, his teacher meets with his mother, when Miša finally speaks up honestly in fluent German – which his mother does not understand. After a rough family fight, he decides to get rid of the now sickly kitten.