Bilyana holds BS in Cinema and TV directing from New Bulgarian University. Her filmography includes short films, music videos and social campaigns.

Most of her films were created in Italy as a part of the world program for filmmakers – Cinemadamare, and were awarded in different festivals. In 2016 she is invited to work for Cinemadamare, as a film supervisor for junior filmmakers.

Biljana has experience as an online selector for the Watersprite short film festival. Between 2008-2010 she was a member of the organizational team of the “One World” Documentary Film Festival in Bulgaria.

Bilyana works mostly as a freelancer in the field of visual arts. Dimitar Voev: Greatings to the Gods will be her debut feture-lenght documentary.



PROJECT Voev: Greetings to the Gods

The documentary Voev: Greetings to the gods tells the story of Dimitar Voev – an otherworldy, sensitive artist, who became the face of young resistance against the socialist regime in Bulgaria. His strong poetics and sensitivity attracted the youth and started a subculture, unseen before in this country.

The structure of the documentary is based on Voev’s lyrics and poetry, telling his life through his own art. His music and stylistics are symbolic for a whole generation which was painfully aware of the political regime’s impotence and refused to obey it. His profound metaphors come to life as an expression for the poignant and uncompromising. They support those opposing the brutal reality and even Voev’s death at the age of 27 did not manage to obliterate it. His legacy is still relevant to this day.