I am a producer from the Republic of Moldova. I have studies in the subject of Art history. The subject of cinema history made me orientate towards this direction and I have decided to develop my capacities in said course. I have participated in numerous courses in and outside of the Republic of Moldova. If by 2015 I had been doing documentaries by myself, starting this year I have decided tp take another step in film production by working alongside specialists. For the first project I made contracts with a director and a cameraman, both professionals in their jobs. The post production was realised in Bucharest. Subsequently the film was selected more than 30 times on international festivals, and was placed on first places in some of them. The fact that my approach to the film making process proved to be efficient gave me further confidence.

Furthermore I made other projects which are currently present in festivals, or are at the filming/editing. In the Republic of Moldova’s market I am known as a representative of the production house Symbol Media. Alongside this company we have many other coproductions with other states, including Romania



PROJECT: Time Travel

In 2014, a German man living in Bonn, Stefan Koch, discovers in his recently deceased mother’s drawer, three letters from his grandfather to his father and some official documents confirming his grandfather’s death in the World War II, in April 14th, 1944, “a few miles north of Speia”, in the USSR. Those letters, which show hidden paternal love as was common at that time, touch him deeply. He finds also a letter of condolence from a German general to his grandmother telling her how brave his grandfather had been. After this discovery, he decides to go looking for his grandfather’s grave. He finds in Google Maps that Speia is currently in the Republic of Moldova, about 55 kilometres east of Chișinău. Stefan arrives in Moldova, rents a car and drives to the village of Speia. He speaks only German and English, and locals know only native Romanian and some of them Russian. At first, Stefan has great difficulty in his searches because of language and cultural barriers and, after a day of searching, he almost gives up. But in the evening, he meets Arcadie by chance, a Moldovan photographer who speaks English. Arcadie helps Stefan find what he is looking for, along with the Speia village’s mayor and the sites’ historian. Later, Stefan befriends Arcadie and leave together to Chișinău. He spends two days in Arcadie’s apartment with his family and friends. In these two days, Stefan talks a lot on various topics with the young Moldovans, without any linguistic barriers. After this journey, he understands that there are no real borders between East and West, between Moldova and Germany, that the beauty of the Moldavian landscape and the kindness of the locals, in contrast to the lack of meaning of the battles, is an extraordinary paradox. And maybe the sacrifice of those who died there, Soviets or Germans, is not free. That there is a big message behind these events – that such horrors should never happen again! Neither here nor elsewhere, neither