Angel Radev graduated in Film studies in 2014 at the National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria. He is a film director, screenwriter, editor, musician, and film critic. He has directed music videos and has worked as an editor for several Bulgarian television series. His passion for silent cinema led him to write and direct his first short film ”Curse of the Dutchman”. He is currently working in the Bulgarian National Film Archive as a film expert.




Noura Al Kadri is a film producer and distributor and the creative director at HOT POTATO. She’s currently based in Sofia, Bulgaria.



POJECT Curse of the Dutchman

A young man receives a letter about the death of his uncle. He travels to his relative’s abandoned home to learn that the uncle tried to burn the house down in a fit of madness. The nephew stays the night to explore the mansion. He finds the uncle’s diary, which tells of his research into the ghost ship “The Flying Dutchman” and mentions a box that holds a piece of it. He finds the box, which to his surprise is empty. Unbeknownst to him, opening the box unleashes the curse of the “Dutchman”. The house begins to tilt and he is faced with the same fate that befell his uncle. He manages to lock the curse in a chest. Morning comes. Exhausted, the young man prepares to leave the mansion. Upon opening the front door, he is faced with a new horror – nothing exists beyond the confines of the house. The young man realizes he is on a film set and everything around him is fake. Driven mad by this revelation, he lights the house on fire.