Alex Mircioi studied screenwriting and film studied at National University of Theatre and Film “I.L.Caragiale” Bucharest, graduating in 2017 and following up with a MA in film criticism, completed in 2019. Throughout his studies, he worked as a film critic for publications such as: Film, Films in Frame, aperiTIFF, etc. and subsequently becoming an editor for Acoperișul de sticlă and Film Menu. Moreover, he’s published essays in academic publications (Close-Up) and books (Romanian Cinema Inside Out), been on juries (FIFF Namur 2017) and festival programming. In the last few years, he’s started collaborating and producing for theatre, working on four shows as assistant director and/or co-dramatist.



PROJECT: Toma and His Friends

Serghei got his first exposition, Agata is going through a pretty messy break-up and Laur has moved on and moved in with a new boyfriend. Toma’s life, however, is at a stand-still. Has been for a few years now. Toma hasn’t been writing, hasn’t been having sex, and, more importantly, he has never really asked for help. Between an unfulfilling job and failed attempts at writing, he fills his time acting as a supportive character in the lives of his friends, always helping them out and never actually doing anything for himself.

This is the day he finally cracks – this is, if not a journey towards recovery, at the very least the beginning of it. When he has to deal with his sexuality, with intimacy issues, with sometimes having to be the one that gets help.