Third-year student at UNATC, Multimedia – Audio / Video Assembly, Alex Pintică directed, written, edited and / or provided the sound for more short films, like “Puzzled” (which he also directed, selected for Super IFF, Psychoanalysis and Film Festival), “The Fable The Raven and the Fox “(directed by Vera Surățel, Filmul de Piatră, Anononimul, KINOdiseea, CineMAiubit) and “Above All” (Victor Cioabă – Cannes Short Film Corner, Anonimul, Super IFF). He is working now at two other films, the musical “Past 8 o’clock” and the short film “… And do not inquire”.




Andrei likes Delia. Roxana likes Cătălin. Andrei and Roxana are together, and so are Delia and Cătălin. Cătălin asks Andrei to organize a dinner at their home, at the end of which he can propose to Delia, so this is Andrei’s last chance at Roxana. A neighbor who recently moved in their building is trying to get some rest. His misfortune is that Andrei and Roxana live in a musical.


Cast: Ionuț Grama, Andreea Șovan, Emil Măndănac, Ana Udroiu, Cezar Antal; Written, Directed, and Edited by: Alex Pintică; DoP: Mișu Ionescu; Sound editing: Radu Georgescu; Lyrics: Sever Bârzan; Music: Simona Strungaru, Sebastian Burneci; Choreography: Eduard Drog