FILM+ is an alternative program supporting independent low budget film productions, accessible to anyone interested, with the aim to provide young artists with a platform for creative and practical aid.


The FILM+ concept is quite simple: if you’re a young (spirited) film creator and you need help with your project, FILM+ provides the professionals to guide you on the artistic concept (script development, directorial concept, production design, etc.) as well as providing the physical resources necessary – from shooting equipment to post processing studios, and even members to fill in the team, when needed.


The program offers guidance, support and work labs for filmmakers. We support works that have a lot of potential, irrespective of their genre (fiction, animation, documentary, experimental, video art) and stage of development (script development, production, post-production). Whether it’s script writing, directing, cinematography, editing, sound, production, distribution or promotion, we support each project based on its specific needs and our available resources and those of our partners, consultants and industry contributors.


FILM+ offers support for different types of audio-visual projects: individual mentoring provided by industry professionals, chosen to fit the specific needs of each project (scripting, directing, editing, sound, production); specific support based on the development stage of each project (development, filming, post-production); networking between the participants and film industry professionals and companies.


FILM+ Development LAB             

Guidance and consulting for script development and/or production preparation


FILM+ Production LAB                  

For projects in pre-production or ready to enter production, tailored production tutoring, hands-on training in one or several areas (directing, photography, casting etc.) access to shooting equipment provided by the organizers and partners as in-kind contribution


FILM+ Work In Progress LAB      

Tutoring on the first cut and one specific post-production service for each selected project


FILM+ Pop-Up

Screenings, masterclasses, workshops for the alumni and wider range of emerging professionals


FILM+ Web Matchmaking and promoting the projects and the filmmakers nationally and internationally


FILM+ is organized by the cultural NGO Graphis 122.