Yana Lekarska is an independent filmmaker, journalist and translator from Bulgaria. She has graduated in film directing both in Bulgaria and in South Korea with her short films selected to numerous international film festivals. Yana Lekarska has interned at major production companies in Bulgaria and South Korea and has worked for the Bulgarian National Television and various film-related media. She is an associate producer for the first Myanmar-South Korea feature film coproduction ‘Ma Ma’ (in theaters 2019). An alumni from workshops as Tokyo Talents (Japan), Sarajevo Talents (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Bucheon Fantastic Film School (South Korea), she works on her debut feature film.



PROJECT Our Winter’s Spring

For the first time in years Irina (33) arrives alone at her family country house – next to a small village by the sea. She expects her busy husband to join her later.

Once in the village Irina meets a childhood friend – Boris (40), whose family country house is right next to Irina’s. Boris is an artist who has left Bulgaria 20 years ago in order to study in Paris and has rarely come back ever since.

Both Irina and Boris are at crossroads in their lives. Irina is wondering whether her apparently perfect life is what she really wants. Having the happy marriage of her parents as a guiding example she fears shattering that fairy-tale image. Boris struggles to cope with the fact that his parents died without ever acknowledging his talent and success. Having grown up in a loveless family he has given up on finding love.

The thing Irina and Boris don’t know is that secrets from the past will be revealed and it will be up to them to decide whether those secrets will save them or ruin them.