Victoria Zadorska is a film director and screenwriter from Kyiv, Ukraine, educated at the Karpenko-Kary Kyiv National University. She has directed the internationally awarded short documentary ”3 Days Before” and the short poetic film ”The Path”. Victoria is the author of fifteen books, in the genre of romantic, adventure and children’s fantasy. She is the winner of international literary and script contests and a screenwriter at AMO Pictures.




Katya (26), having lost her grandmother in the occupation, suffers from “survivor syndrome”. Escaping, trying to avoid feeling guilty, she decides to help the Neighbor (75) by taking her to her birthplace before her death. But Katya has no idea that “dirty money” that the neighbor stole from drug dealers is hidden in the car. That is why an innocent trip to the sea turns into a tragicomic escape from smugglers and the police. Through which women not only become very close, but also find new meanings in their own lives.