Just a Look


A romantic comedy about a junkie filming at weddings and events. After we get acquainted with the character in a intro sequence, we find him at a team building party where he falls in love with the organizer’s lover.


Bio Răzvan Dü

In 2012 Razvan graduated from the Audio-Visual Communication Film faculty within the UNATC, and he is currently a PhD candidate at the same university. So far he has worked as a screenwriter for several short films – Texas Hold’Em (2010 / UNATC), Please do not park! (2011 / MediaLab). He directed different shorts: The Namesake (2015 / aperture.FILM), To Ring or Not to Ring (2016 / aperture.FILM), After nine or ten hours (2017 / FILM +), Her Birthday Present (2017 / self-produced).