Norbert Fodor is a graduate of Cinematography at the Faculty of Theatre and Film in Cluj-Napoca. Pursuing both cinematography and directing, he explores the boundaries of cinema with two hybrid fiction-documentaries shorts, The Projectionist (2016, Best Romanian Short Film – Romanian Filmmakers Union, Gopo Awards Nomination), The Forest Ranger (2017, Romania). Working in the South East Asian industry, he completed FOMI (Fear of Missing In, 2019, Thailand) with a modernised essayistic approach to experimental film. He also hosts Coloana Sonora, a podcast dedicated to teenagers and young artists who want to discover the industry from the inside.



PROJECT Vincent Vampire

A team of filmmakers show up in the mountain cabin to help Vincent shoot his promotional video for the trekking guide. As the day passes, they discover he’s a bit strange and different, but can’t explain how – until the very last moment when they arrive home and see the footage.