Ninoslav started his career at the Serbian TV channel B92 in 2001 as a presenter of several popular TV formats, landing dozens of interviews with international stars ranging from David Guetta to Sam Rockwell and Angelina Jolie.

His desire to work behind the camera, took him to Ljubljana, Slovenia, where in 2005 he became an essential part of the VIACOM team that launched MTV Adria, and then in 2007 MTV Ukraine in Kiev.

In 2008 he decided to return home to Belgrade, and became Head of Content in the newly formed MTV Adria team.

During the 10-year period he produced numerous TV shows, music videos and TV commercials, and one feature documentary film in 2015: “Stani na Put” (Nothing in our way).




A group of old friends meets after a long time at the roadhouse somewhere in Serbia.

We can tell that some sort of dark secret burdens them all, as they set upon a road trip.

A song on the radio takes them and us back to 1986, and the last weekend of that summer.

It’s a pool party where we meet the younger versions of all of them, and a large number of other colorful characters typical for the 1980’s period.

During that weekend, the real relationships between them are revealed, secrets are exposed, and at the end of it there is a manslaughter is happening. One life is lost, others potentially ruined forever.

We are now back in the present as the group approaches their destination, a prison.

They have come to welcome back into the world a friend who had taken the blame for the crime he did not commit, in order to keep his best friend out of the prison, because of the baby that was on the way. It was a sacrifice he willingly made to save the young family he loved more than himself.