18 projects from 5 countries, selected in the FILM + 2021-2022 program

FILM+, the alternative program supporting independent film productions from Bulgaria, Moldova, Romania, Serbia announces the participants of the 6th edition, following the open call for projects submitted this summer. The program also includes a fifth country from now on, Greece, and will cover a year of mentoring and support in its three labs dedicated to development, production and post-production.

From the 91 projects proposed by filmmakers, 18 projects were selected for this edition: 5 documentary feature films, 11 fiction feature films, an animated short and a medium length fiction film.

“We are happy for this year’s rich selection, so we set a record of projects that we are committed to supporting in a single edition: 18. We have also extended the boundaries of our program to the fifth country, Greece. Participants of the sixth edition of FILM+ will have all our carefully customized support for each of the modules: development, production and post-production. We are committed to help filmmakers with the structures, guidance and help they need to make a successful start in the industry. All the more so in this period marked by difficulties.”, says Ana Drăghici, the coordinator of the FILM+ program.

FILM+ 2021 – 2022 selection:

Work in Progress: 5 fiction shorts

    • Aurică, A Dog’s Life/ Aurică, viață de câine, by Mihai Dragolea – Romania
    • Berliner Kindl, by Lucia Chicoș – Romania
    • September Dawn, by Ivan Djurovic – Serbia
    • The Course of the Dutchman, by Noura Al Kadri – Bulgaria
    • I Want To Smash The Greenhouse/ Vreau să sparg sera, by Teona Galgoțiu – Romania

Production: 4 fictions short films, one animated short film

    • Cats, by Danilo Stanimirovic – Serbia
    • Open. Closed/ Închis. Deschis, by Teodora Mihaila &Catalina Pistol – Moldova | Romania, animated short
    • Karina, by Ilinca Hărnuț – Romania
    • You Don’t Have To Eat It/ Nu mânca dacă nu-ți place, by Doru Vatavului – Romania
    • Reunion/ Revedere, by Vasile Todincă – Romania

Development: 4 documentary features, a medium length film and a fiction short film

    • Boro / Ramiz, by Ana Dragic – Serbia, documentary feature
    • Man of  Velvet/ Bărbatul de velur, by Emil Vasilache – Romania, medium length
    • Classics Never Go Out Of Style, But… They Do, by Ivelin Kostadinov – Bulgaria, fiction short
    • Last Man Standing, by Maria Bălănean  – Romania,  documentary feature
    • Unacknowledged, by Elena Borcea – Romania,  documentary feature
    • The Poor Dove, by Călin Laur – Moldova,  fiction feature

Two other projects were selected in the new Expanded section which debuted last year

    • Lethe, by Nefeli Rapti – Grecia, fiction short
    • More Than Love, by Maria Cîrstea – Romania, documentary feature

Conceived as a working, support and promotion laboratory dedicated to independent film, animation and video art projects, FILM+ is the only Romanian and regional project for professional training, which has a practical character, focused on the development, creation and promotion of small budget independent audiovisual productions, made by emerging talents from Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria, the Republic of Moldova and Greece who will benefit from the experience gained by Romanian film professionals.

The workshop, consultancy and support lab for micro-budget short and feature film projects was founded in 2016 by a group of young Romanian film professionals – DoP Ana Drăghici, film and audiovisual consultant Alex Trăilă, director Paul Negoescu and producer Anamaria Antoci – with the aim of providing resources and expertise on a collaboration platform to support the filmmakers, being the first program in Central and South Eastern Europe that brings together resources and expertise in a collaboration platform funded by the European Commission’s Creative Europe – Media program.

Representatives of selected projects from the five countries will meet this year in a one-week bootcamp that will include masterclasses, individual guidance sessions and laboratories held by leading professionals from the region. Consequently each project will  have a specific timeline and work schedule tailored to its needs. The program will also include new masterclasses and mixed working sessions in the first half of 2022.


The program initiated by the Graphis 122 Association is implemented together with partners and specialists involved in the mentoring program.

FILM+ has no claim over the ownership rights of the projects.

The sixth edition is co-financed by the Creative Europe – MEDIA program of the European Commission.

* The European Commission support for the production of this publication does not constitute an endorsement of the contents which reflects the views only of the authors, and the National Agency and Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

INFO : contact@film-plus.ro

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FILM+ Open Call 2021

FILM +, the workshop, consultancy and support lab for independent small budget film productions, invites emerging talents short and feature film directors from Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria and the Republic of Moldova – to apply to the 6th edition of the program, regardless of the genre (fiction, animation, documentary, experimental) and the stage of the project at the time of the application (development, production, post-production).

The filmmakers can register their projects by filling the online forms.

FILM + provides the applicants physical resources, as well as the expertise of the tutors and partners for the support of the selected projects, as follows:

  • FILM + Development
    The selected projects for this module will have guidance and consultancy for the script development and preparation for the financing and production stage. The project’s budget is not a subject of eligibility. https://film-plus.ro/development-lab-registration/
  • FILM + Production
    Dedicated to projects in an advanced stage of preparation, that need support and consultancy for the filming and production stages (directing, photography, sound, according to the specific needs of the project) as well as access to physical resources such as filming equipment, filming locations, team completion etc For this section, the application form will be accompanied by script, long-form synopsis (ending of the film included)/ final draft, simplified budget and financing plan. The film budget should not exceed 30,000 Euro. https://film-plus.ro/production-lab-registration/
  • FILM + Work-in-Progress
    Selected filmmakers for this stage will receive support for the completion of their projects, with targeted consultancy for the stage of the projects, artistic post-production or technical post-production, according to the needs of the project (editing, post-processing. photography, sound, special effects, graphics, etc), as well as access to physical resources (sound studio, image processing, graphics, etc). For this category, the application form will be accompanied by a synopsis, a first cut of the movie, a simplified budget, and a financing plan. The film budget should not exceed 30,000 Euro.

The submission deadline is July 25th.

All results will be announced no later than mid-September.

The FILM + program was founded in 2016 by a team of young Romanian film professionals: Ana Drăghici (director of photography), Alex Trăilă (film and audiovisual consultant), Paul Negoescu (director) and Anamaria Antoci (producer) with the sole purpose of providing resources and expertise on a collaboration platform which supports filmmakers.

FILM + has supported, during the previous editions, the development of over 50 projects and has provided young filmmakers with the opportunity to take part in the FILM + section  Pop-Up, in workshops and masterclasses held by well-known filmmakers such as Alexander Nanau, Corneliu Porumboiu, Radu Jude, Ralitza Petrova, Andrei Ujică, Paul Tyler,  Srdan Golubović, Selin Karli, Ada Solomon, Alexander Nanau, Masha Markovic, and many other important cinema personalities.

The 5th edition of FILM+, launched at Transilvania International Film Festival (TIFF) 2020, included 16 projects from over 100 submissions.

18 filmmakers from Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova and Serbia benefited for the 16 projects of support, individual and group sessions throughout the edition. They reunited online for a Virtual Bootcamp (October 26-31), consisting of masterclasses and virtual labs held by: directors Alexander Nanau, Adrian Sitaru, Monica Lăzurean-Gorgan, Masha Markovic, Paul Negoescu, Srdan Golubovic and Tudor Cristian Jurgiu, producers Ada Solomon and Anamaria Antoci, editors Andrei Gorgan and Roxana Szel, cinematographer Ana Drăghici and film industry Alex Trăilă, followed by a work schedule tailored for each project.

The program initiated by the Graphis 122 Association in 2016 was implemented together with partners and specialists involved in the mentorship program.
FILM+ has no claim over the ownership rights of the projects.

The 6th edition is co-financed through the Creative Europe – MEDIA program of the European Commission*.

* The European Commission support for the production of this publication does not constitute an endorsement of the contents which reflects the views only of the authors, and the National Agency and Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

Virtual Bootcamp 2020

We joyfully remember the FILM + #VirtualBootcamp experience of 2020, when the representatives of the 16 projects selected in the 5th edition of the FILM + program took part in individual mentorship sessions, tailored work sessions (Work in Progress Lab, Production Lab, Development Lab, Film + Expanded) and general tutoring sessions.

A big thank you to Laura Grigoriu for helping us with the #MakingOf video.

Warm regards and good luck wishes for all our participants! We are so happy we had the chance to meet & guide out participants to achieving their dreams. It was also a wonderful thing for us to see the appealing interest for documentaries rise at this edition!

  •  Projects from Bulgaria: “Voev: Greetings to the Gods” (documentary, by Biljana Kirilova and Neda Milanova, Work in Progress Lab), “Everything Tastes Strange Today” (short fiction, directed by Kristina Spassovska, Production Lab) and “Us” (short fiction, directed by Kosta Karakashyan, Development Lab).
  • Projects from Moldova: “Block 2” (documentary feature film, directed by Alexandr Dzechis, Work in Progress Lab), “Time Travel – From Bonn to Speia” (documentary feature film, by Dumitru Grosei and Arcadie Plăcintă, Work in Progress Lab), “Maturity Lesson”(fiction feature film, directed by Eugeniu Bocancea, Development Lab).
  • Projects from Romania: “The Man and His Shadow” (documentary feature film, directed by Dragos Hanciu, Work in Progress Lab), “5000 KM” (documentary feature film, directed by Paul Chirilă, Production Lab), “The Way of the Dragon” (fiction short film, directed by Monica Stan, Production Lab), “Are there the stars out tonight?” (fiction short film, directed by Andrei Răuțu, Production Lab), “Toma and his friends” (fiction short film, directed by Alex Mircioi, Development Lab), “The calm of a winter morning” (fiction short film, directed by Vasile Todincă, Development Lab), “Cut It” (fiction short film, directed by Sorin Poamă, Development Lab) and “Tender is the Night ”(fiction feature film, directed by Elena Morar, FILM + Expanded).
  • Projects from Serbia: “Last Call” (fiction short film, by Hayat Aljowaily and Kaja Grujic, Production Lab) and “Worlds Apart” (short film fiction, directed by Tamara Brocic, Development Lab).

The online tutors who joined the Film+ #VirtualBootcamp are: Alexander Nanau and Monica Lăzurean-Gorgan (documentary filmmakers); Ada Solomon and Anamaria Antoci (producers); Alex Trăilă (audiovisual consultant), Ana Draghici (cinematographer); Adrian Sitaru, Tudor Cristian Jurgiu and Paul Negoescu (directors); Roxana Szel, Alexandru Radu and Andrei Gorgan (editors).

16 projects from 4 countries, selected in the FILM + 2020-2021 program

FILM + announces the participants of the fifth edition, following the open call for projects submitted this summer.

From the 108 projects proposed by filmmakers from Bulgaria, Moldova, Romania and Serbia, 16 projects were selected for this edition, of which: five documentary feature films, two fiction feature films and nine fiction short films.

Representatives of selected projects from Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova and Serbia will meet in October in Bucharest, depending on the situation in Romania related to the COVID-19 pandemic, in a residence including masterclasses, individual guidance sessions , laboratories, followed by the establishment of the work schedule for each project, tailored to their needs. The work program of the fifth edition of FILM+ will also include, in the first part of 2021, working sessions in Chișinău, Belgrade and Sofia.

The projects selected for the 5th edition of Film + are:

Work in Progress:

  1. Dragoș Hanciu – The Man and His Shadow, ROMANIA, documentary feature
  2. Biljana Kirilova & Neda Milanova Voev – Greetings to the Gods, BULGARIA documentary feature
  3. Alexandr Dzechis  – Blocul 2, MOLDOVA, documentary feature;
  4. Dumitru Grosei & Arcadie Plăcintă – Călătorie în timp de la Bonn la Speia, MOLDOVA, documentary feature.


  1. Paul Chirilă – 5000KM, ROMÂNIA, documentary feature
  2. Hayat Aljowaily și Kaja Grujic – Last Call, SERBIA, fiction short
  3. Monica Stan – Drumul Dragonului, ROMÂNIA, fiction short
  4. Andrei Răuțu – Se văd stelele în noaptea asta?, ROMÂNIA, fiction short
  5. Kristina Spassovska – Everything Tastes Strange Today, BULGARIA, fiction short


  1. Eugeniu Bocancea  – Lecție de maturitate, MOLDOVA, fiction feature
  2. Tamara Brocic – Worlds Apart, SERBIA, fiction short
  3. Kosta Karakashyan – Us, BULGARIA, fiction short
  4. Alex Mircioi – Toma și prietenii lui, ROMÂNIA, fiction short
  5. Vasile Todincă – Calmul unei dimineți de iarnă, ROMÂNIA – fiction short
  6. Sorin Poamă – Cut It, ROMÂNIA, fiction short

FILM+ Expanded: Elena Morar – Tender is the Night, ROMÂNIA, fiction short

FILM + HIGHLIGHTS at Transilvania International Film Festival, Cluj-Napoca

FILM + presented the highlights of the program in a special meeting during the Romanian Days section of TIFF 2020, on August 6th, from 5PM, at CASA TIFF.

Ana Drăghici, cinematographer, Anamaria Antoci, producer, Paul Negoescu, director and Alex Trăilă, cinema consultant, the FILM+ co-founders, took part in a Q&A session with the audience interested in finding out more about the alternative means of support for independent productions from Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria and Serbia.

FILM PLUS Work in Progress LAB talents presented their projects online, during Sofia Meetings!


The FILM + Work in Progress LAB talents have presented their projects during Sofia Meetings, a prestigious professional event dedicated to the independent European film industry. The event was held online on Festival Scope from May 27th to May 31st.

Sofia Meetings is a co-production market with a Works in Progress section which has the mission to increase the exposure of European films and talents and support promising European projects along with developing a space for networking within the A/V industry. Sofia Meetings is supported by Creative Europe MEDIA programme of the European Union, Bulgarian National Film Center, Sofia Municipality and Ministry of Culture.

The four films presented by the FILM + participants are:

  • “Spring Song” (Serbia, feature film) – Natalija Avramovic

  • “Scene logăneștene” (Moldova/România, feature film) – Nicolae Gaburici

  • “Lament for the Silent Fool” (Bulgaria, feature film) – Dimitar Kutmanov

  • “Everything For Riana” (Romania, documentary) – Mihai Gavril Dragolea

Our team is ready for the web & pop up sessions, set for March 1st, 2020 @ Jugoslav Film Archive (room 2).

  • The Film + participants are invited to a Mentoring session with Ivana Mladenovic (room 1, 09:30 – 17:00).
  • The public is invited to an introductory session with Alex Traila, from 11:00, followed by a presentation on Film financing, sources of finance, film markets (12:00 – 12:30, room 2).

Ivana Mladenovic (1984, Serbia) studied Law in Belgrade and then moved to Romania where she studied film directing at the National School of Film and Theatre (UNATC) in Bucharest, receiving both her BA and MA.
Her short student films were shown and awarded at various film festivals around the world. In 2012, Mladenovic’ first feature-length documentary Turn Off the Lights premiered at Tribeca Film Festival and won the Heart of Sarajevo Award for Best Documentary and Gopo Award for Best Romanian Documentary. In 2016 she made her debut as an actress in Radu Jude’s Scarred Hearts.
“Soldier. Story from Ferentari”/ “Soldații. Poveste din Ferentari” (2017) is her first fiction feature, and “Ivana the Terrible”/ “Ivana cea Groaznică” her second feature, awarded in 2019 at Locarno with Filmmakers of the Present Special Jury Award.

Alex Trăilă (1984, Romania) is a film industry consultant.
He holds a diploma in cinematography and has followed multiple trainings and workshops on creative producing, mentoring and marketing. For the past years he was involved in the most relevant regional film industry platforms focused on Eastern and South-Eastern Europe and founded several other initiatives. He works as an expert for the European Audiovisual Observatory, the European Commision, is the Romanian national representative at Eurimages and associated professor at National University of Theatre and Film, Bucharest.