Nadya is a screenwriter & director with a love for the absurd. From undying headless chickens to grandmothers taking over the mafia, she likes putting her characters in situations that drive them to extremes, and all that with more than a pinch of dark humor. After working on a couple of TV projects in her own country, she graduated from Screenwriting at FAMU International in Prague and from the TV writing program Serial Eyes in 2020. She was chosen as a writer’s apprentice at Frank Spotnitz’ Big Light Productions in 2021. Currently, Nadya is writing on a Bulgarian TV show for one of the three major networks and preparing her documentary and theater debuts.



PROJECT I’m Not a Bad Man

“I’m not a bad man” is the true story of Nadia’s uncle.
In the summer of 1968, her uncle invaded Prague…He was 19 years old and hasn’t gone back to Prague since the invasion. This project aims to change that – “War is a complicated matter and even more so when you’re 19. What did he think? Did he have a choice? Is forgiveness on the table for someone who was sent into this war blindly? I can promise you he’s not a bad man”, says Nadya.