With a masters degree on Contemporary Video Art and a specialisation on documentary filmmaking, five years experience in  the audiovisual sector, in 2013 I took the decision to focus mainly on directing creative documentaries with an international co-production potential. My main objective is to explore the potential of using documentary form as a social impact and educational tool. Being a nomad myself, travelling around the world and exploring human stories is his motivation for creating cinematic narratives that speaks of social issues.

I try exploring the potential of using documentary as a social impact tool.

I am a Theatre and Televizion (UBB) film university graduate, I have a MA in photography and video at the Romanian National Arts University, I studied one year in Istanbul being enrolled in an Erasmus programme and I am also an Berlinale Short Film Station Talent Campus Alumni. These institutions helped me develop into a filmmaker and showed me I can do this great job.



PROJECT Anything for Riana

Amalia and her husband, Kalo, are fighting for their baby daughter’s life, as she was diagnosed with a heart disease at just 1 week old. With Amalia being alongside the baby Kalo sets off to Italy in order to make money by selling fake phones to immigrants, the only thing he thinks he can earn money. After the successful operation Kalo and Amalia find out that their old means of making money can no longer sustain their family, Kalo comes up with a great new idea.