Lucia Chicoș (1998) is a young emerging Romanian film director. She is a PhD candidate and a teaching assistant at UNATC – National University of Theatre and Film I.L. Caragiale Bucharest, Romania, where she graduated with a Film Directing BA and MA. Her short fiction film ‘Contraindications’ was awarded 3rd prize in Cinéfondation at Festival de Cannes in 2020 and her first documentary feature-film ‘FATIMA’, co-directed with Alexandra Diaconu, is to have its world premiere this year at IDFA.



POJECT There Will Come Soft Rains

Maria and Vlad spend their last night at the student dorm before moving out. The summer heat, the noise from the neighborhood and the things they don’t tell each other don’t let them sleep and Vlad reads to Maria a SF story about a planet on which it rains endlessly. Eventually, the bedtime story turns out to be an incantation.