The Playback Lesson


The Sanitary Group was a unique phenomenon in the Romanian music industry, being the only band to promote playback in concerts and even in studio performances. During 2003-2004 they were very popular in the media. In tune with the band’s specificity, the story is told in the form of a mockumentary. Although it was an artistic project, the Sanitary Group was often perceived by the public as a real band. Before they broke up they held a 20-year anniversary concert, out of which 19 were of inactivity.


Bio Jean Lorin Sterian

Artist, writer, house performer. He is the founder of his theater, the first apartment theater in Romania. Starting with 2014, he organizes HomeFest, a performative art festival. Works on his first feature film, “Starshitting”, based on the play “On the verge overflow”, based on a fragment of his first novel, “Lorgean”.