Ioana Trifu is a filmmaker from Romania, working as a freelance videographer and video editor. She holds a BA degree in cinematography and an MA degree in documentary filmmaking from the Faculty of Theatre and Film in Cluj Napoca. Over the years, she worked both on linear films and new media projects, exploring new ways of visual storytelling using virtual reality and other innovative platforms. Her work is focused on individual stories that reflect social phenomena and social issues of today’s reality. She is currently directing and co-producing her first feature-length documentary.



PROJECT The Gate Between Us

Due to a psychoneurological disability, Olga was sentenced by her family to a life spent behind the gates of a mental institution. After 43 years of surviving in the institutionalized system, she is about to trade the only life she ever knew for a new life of freedom back into the society that rejected her. She makes up plans for her soon-to-be home, however, the life-changing event comes with sacrifices: she must leave behind her husband. As her excitement for the new life grows, she must prove her ability to live independently, she searches for a caretaker for her husband, but most of all, she confronts her own fears and expectations about life on the other side of the gate