Ilina Perianova is an award winning director, producer and screenwriter from Sofia, Bulgaria. Coming from a multicultural family, she has been exposed to a variety of art and cinema traditions since childhood. She graduated from the MA program in “Fiction Film Directing” in the Baltic Film and Media School in Estonia. Previously she studied theatre acting and directing in Bulgaria, France, Denmark, India . Ilina is the director of the short musical film “Eat me!” and the film “ Snowgirl”. Her latest short poetry film “Queen” is codirected together with her sister Yagama.

Ilina has experience working on various positions in international film productions. She is part of the production company Uga Buga Art. She speaks fluent English, Russian, French.



PROJECT Her party

During a New Year’s costume party Silvia, a 26 year old actress meets her ex- lover and stage director Stoyan. Behind the animal masks lay hidden the secrets and personal drama of Silvia and Stoyan, which are revealed through an improvised performance.

The topic of the film is the emotional and physical experience of an abortion for a young woman, as well as the breakdown of the man, who was in a relationship with her. The film will portray youngsters with artistic professions, who often have to choose between career and family. “Her party” will also reflect on the alienation, solitude and the inner obstacles young people face in order to form solid relationships, in which responsibility is key. The theme is treated through a theatre performance during which the animal masked guests of the party debate about the decision of a termination.