Stay tuned for the 4th Edition call for projects – opening this summer !

Common requirements (eligibility criteria) to be provided by all participants in all activities include:

  • to be produced in one of the following countries: Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova or Serbia;
  • the film must be made with low budget (a budget of less than € 30,000, excluding services in kind);
  • to not have received previous funding from any major state institution (such as the National Center for Cinematography, the Ministry of Culture), and to not be produced by a large film studio;
  • the film must be a short film (fiction, animation, documentary, experimental) or a debut feature;
  • the directors and producers should not have made any feature films by the date of enrolment.


From our previous editions (subject to change):

You can submit short film projects of any genre, regardless of their development stage (script development, production, post-production).

Short film length must not exceed 40 minutes.

The application materials have to be submitted in writing, in Romanian/English, with a total maximum of 40 pages for short scripts.

The application has to be made by (or on behalf of) the film’s rights owner.

The applicant’s age and professional training are not selection criteria.

You can submit multiple projects, as long as you complete the same steps for each proposal.

If we require more information about a certain project, we reserve the right to ask the applicant.

Projects that benefit from the FILM+ support will include in the credits roll: “Made with the support of FILM+”

For promotion purposes, each candidate will be required to supply a minimum of 3 relevant film stills, a short synopsis and general information about the project.

FILM+ has no claim over the ownership rights of the projects.

General presentation of the program:

FILM+ offers guidance, support and work lab for film makers. We support works that have a lot of potential, irrespective of their genre (fiction, animation, documentary, experimental, video art) and stage of development (script development, production, post-production/work in progress). Whether it’s script, directing, cinematography, editing, sound, production, distribution or promotion, we support each project based on its specific needs, and our available resources and those of our partners, consultants and industry contributors.

The projects were supported in one the following three directions:

  • Development: consultancy and guidance for script development and/or preparation for the actual production phase of the project.
  • Production: guidance and support for production and filming. These can be expressed either as counseling with regards to directing, cinematography, sound and so on, depending on the particularities of each project; but also as providing access to physical resources such as filming equipment, locations, crew members and others.
  • Work in progress: assistance and support for either the editing process, color grading, sound, special effects, as well as access to physical resources (sound editing studio, color grading equipment etc.)


FILM+ program organizer:

FILM+ is a Graphis 122 project, a non-profit organization registered with the number 123/2009, CUI 26392811, based in Mogoș Vornicul St., no. 1, sector 2, Bucharest.

The second and third editions of FILM+ were supported by AFCN* (The National Cultural Administration Fund).

*The project does not necessarily represent the position of the National Cultural Administration Fund (AFCN). AFCN is not responsible for the content of the project or how the project results 
can be used. These are entirely the responsibility of the beneficiary of the funding.