Eva Todică is a scriptwriter, producer, and film & theatre director. In 2022, she co-wrote and co-produced the comedy TV series “In the city” for Voyo & ProTV, and was the assistant director of ”Acrobatics”, part of Stagiunea de Teatru Politic, directed by David Schwartz. Her videopoem “What do I know” (produced by Gura Mare), based on a poem by Crispin Best, was screened at Zebra Poetry Film Festival in Berlin. She graduated Drama and Theatre Arts at Goldsmiths University of London in 2018.



PROJECT Partridge

Lia (13) lives with her Grandmother (60) in an Eastern European village, as her Mother (40) works abroad. Lia’s only friend is Partridge, the family’s pig. One day, Lia finds out they ran out of meat and Grandma has asked the Neighbour (40) to slaughter the pig. At the same time, Lia gets her period, but she doesn’t know what is happening to her. Misunderstood by her Grandma, deserted by her Mother, and criticized by the monstruos Neighbour, Lia runs away to save both Partridge and herself. On her journey, the girl faces her demons and is eventually brought back home, where she is reunited with her Mother.