Elena Vlădăreanu graduated from the Faculty of Letters of the University of Bucharest, has an interdisciplinary master degree in Performance, Multimedia, Society and she is currently a PhD student in cultural studies at CESI. She collaborated with director Anca Damian as a voice-over consultant for Crulic. The Path to Beyond (2011), A Very Unsettle Summer (2013), The Magic Mountain (2015), Marona’s Fantastic Tale (2019), for which she also wrote the lyrics of the final song. She collaborated as a dialogue consultant with the director Bogdan Mustață for the short film The Self-Murderers (2022) and wrote the script for the short film The Sea (project in Film+ residency in 2019, directed by Andreea Lăcătuș, post-production). Since 2002, she has published several books, poetry, prose, children’s literature and her texts were translated into several languages, being present in several international anthologies. She writes for theatre, most recently being the performance Ember, with Judith State and Istvan Teglas, at WASP. In 2018 she initiated the Sofia Nădejde Awards project.




Alma Buhagiar (b. 1998, Bucharest) studied film directing at U.N.A.T.C “I. L. Caragiale” Bucharest, and in 2022 she graduated from the same faculty with a master’s degree. Her student films ”Alge” (short fiction-experimental film, 2019), ”Ultimul preot” (short documentary film, 2019), ”Lucruri simple” (short experimental film, 2020) and ”Împreună” (short fiction film, 2020) have been screened in several film festivals, such as Transilvania International Film Festival (TIFF), Anonimul Independent Film Festival, Șerban Ionescu Film Festival, Filmul de Piatră, French Riviera Film Festival, Bucharest Fashion Film Festival, Pula Film Festival and won “Best Film” at the CinemaIubit Film Festival in 2020 (”Împreună”) and “Cinematographic Hopes Award” (”Ultimul preot”) at the Romanian Filmmakers Union ceremony, also in 2020. In 2021 she won the “Gopo Young Hope Award” for the short film ”Împreună”. She has participated in the film workshop “Let’s go Digital” at TIFF, and has exhibited video-installations at events such as Noaptea Galeriilor and SUPER.



PROJECT The Birthday party

At Mara’s 10th birthday party, the small apartment is full of children and with only 3 adults isolated in the kitchen, chatting and trying to chill, unaware of their offspring. Mara is waiting for the most important phone call for her: her divorced father is supposed to wish her a happy birthday, but that doesn’t happen. While the adults are in the kitchen, the children, in their room, empty the contents of drawers, try on adult’s clothes, are about to start a fire and so on. Seeing her mother responsible for her father’s absence, Mara destroys the family photos and argues and fights with Aura, her best friend. But her mom’s phone finally rings for Mara. The girl’s father Sorin is downstairs with his current partner Cristina and they want to come to the party…