Dmytro Tiazhlov is an independent documentary filmmaker and director of photography based in Kyiv, Ukraine. Dmytro is the author of more than 20 documentaries. Since 2007 Dmytro has worked as a curator of cinematographers’ course and associate professor at Kyiv national university of theatre, cinema and television named by I.K. Karpenko-Kary. Since 2011 Dmytro has worked as one of the curators of documentary programmes of the America Independence film festival (Kyiv) and Indie Lab – Documentary lab for young filmmakers. Since 2016 he worked on special creative programs for teenagers called Indie Media Camp and Gang for Change.




Ella Shtyka is a cultural manager, documentary film producer, educator. Since 2001, he has led the film production center New Kyiv. Since 2013 Ella developed and implements several yearly capacity building programmes for film professionals supported by the US Embassy in Ukraine – such as Indie Lab. Documentary workshop for young filmmakers and American Independence film festival educational platform. In 2012-2015 worked for Eastern Partnership Culture programme as an event manager. Since 2017 she manages and curates Indie Media Camp. The camp is a place for free communication of teenagers from different cities of Ukraine, where they learn to express their views through different artistic and media methods.



PROJECT HZV, adequately yours

“Hammerman Eliminates Viruses” (HZV) is a Ukrainian music band founded in 1996. Vova (lyrics, vocals) and Albert (music, vocals) are ordinary Ukrainians, but the time comes and they turn into the leaders of thoughts. They encourage us to think out of the box on the topics of God, death and aging. Their costumes are a soup from which everyone will catch something: someone – a reference to the events in Belarus, someone – to the Ukrainian avant-garde of the beginning of XX century. Together, we experience the history of modern Ukraine at the times of the highest turbulence: the Revolution of Dignity, Covid 19, and Russian aggression. We share the musicians’ urgency to create, reflect, and compare the external and the internal to grasp the so-called “zeitgeist”.