Andreea Lăcătuș (1993) is a director and cultural manager who lives and works in Bucharest, Romania. Alumni of Talents Sarajevo 2018, her diploma film, “The Beast” was selected to many festivals, among whom is “Shanghai International Film Festival” and “Transilvania international Film Festival”. Since 2017 she is leading an NGO (“inCAP”) which develops programmes for young artists in communities with low access to culture.

For the moment, she is in development/preproduction with “The Sea”, a short film written by Elena Vlădăreanu and is about to finish a performative installation at Replika Educational Theatre Centre.





Elena Vlădăreanu (b. 1981) is a writer and cultural journalist who lives and works in Bucharest, Romania. She is alumni of Master in Performance, Multimedia and Society from the  Bucharest Centre for Excellence in Image Research, with a study on the performativity of contemporary poetry. She published several poetry collections and worked as cultural journalist for more important Romanian daily newspapers and cultural magazines. She developed, together with Robert Bălan, theatre director, shows and performances regarding social issues for both adults and youth. In film, she colaborated with Anca Damian for Crulic, The Magic Mountain 2015, Marona’s Fantastic Tale (2019) and with Bogdan Mustaţă for the short The Suiciders (2019, postproduction).




Petronela (42) and Vera (11) walk through the streets of Bucharest collecting things people seem not to need anymore. They are no mother and daughter, no relatives, and no friends. Their complicated relationship slowly unfolds until they meet Gil, a guy to whom they try to sell the small objects they collected. The present belongs to both of them. But Petronela’s past might become Vera’s future.