Anastasia Ștefan graduated from the Faculty of Theater and Film, Cluj at the Film Directing Department and currently she is attending a master’s degree in Film Acting at the UOC. In addition to directing and acting, she is interested in social and activist issues as well and for two years she worked for a community radio project with the Roma communities in Pata Rât, Cluj. During her student years in Cluj she also produced a radio documentary about pollution and environmental racism, which was played as part of the Possible Futures project. In Bucharest she is active in the cinematographic area and in the poetry and performance branch. Anastasia believes that including the sociopolitical component in all her activities is necessary to create resistance through art.



PROJECT Kids are brought by storks, daddies come by horse

Sergiu is a 22 year-old young man who lives in a poor village in the mining area of ​​Jiu. When his wife gives birth at the maternity ward in town he decides, in the absence of other means of transport, to take his horse and go see his son. The city is almost deserted due to the pandemic, and Sergiu appears riding his horse through the streets like a cowboy in a modern western. Soon, he becomes a bizarre attraction, which complicates his journey, but he is determined to see his boy.