What is FILM +

FILM+ is an alternative program supporting independent low budget film productions, accessible to anyone interested, with the aim to provide young artists with a platform for creative and practical aid.

The FILM+ concept is quite simple: if you’re a young (spirited) film creator and you need help with your project, FILM+ provides the professionals to guide you on the artistic concept (script development, directorial concept, production design, etc.) as well as providing the physical resources necessary – from shooting equipment to post processing studios, and even members to fill in the team, when needed.

85 emerging talents, selected out of 442 entries from Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria and the Republic of Moldova, were included in the three sections of FILM + : Development, Production or Work in Progress in the past 6 years. Receiving guidance, consultancy, physical resources and benefiting from the expertise of the tutors and partners, with tailored support for their selected projects, regardless of the genre (fiction, animation, documentary, experimental), they gained the confidence to follow through on their projects and reach their goals.



How to apply

Before submitting your application please read the guidelines carefully. For Production and Work-in-Progress please attach the financing plan and budget files.